Best Free Duplicate File Finder for Windows 2018

Warning: Your Disc Space Running out….!!!

Most of the computer user are facing low disc space problem from over the period of time just because of some miscellaneous file stored in their systems and if you are facing the same problem than we have a solution. You Can Install Duplicate File Finders and locate all the duplicate and useless file stored your pc. Here we have the list of tools which includes free and paid both:

1. XY Explorer:

It’s a complete Package of detecting useless files. It makes the search very safe and easy because it has filters on search like Name, Date Modified, Size and Content. It’s a Paid software which you buy in some bucks but can still find the free version by spending little time on internet.

2. Auslogics Duplicate File Finder:

It’s a total free tool which is dedicatedly designed to find duplicity on your system. Search Filters include Size, Date, Names and content

3. Duplicate Files Finder:

Powerful software purposely used for disc cleanup by finding duplicate file on your drive and removing the same files exists on the system covering the precious space. It has more ability of searching file by its extra filters like – name entries, scan hidden, empty files etc.

4. Duplicate Searcher (Duplicate & Same Files Searcher):

Has the most number of feature available in it like – detection of NTFS hard links, file compression, works with symbolic links, color codes etc and works gradually good to find the most number duplicate files on your drive. This tool is completely free but its average on user-friendly basis.

5. CCleaner:

Your might have heard about the name of this application it is the most popular disc cleaning tool. Its powerful and multi-utility tool but if you are looking for deep duplicate file finding option this may not be much helpful for you because it’s not dedicatedly designed for this but it has all basic option of file finder which is one of the many feature in it and its free.

6. SearchMyFiles:

It’s a file search utility for windows and includes duplicate file finder option. So, it’s not a dedicated duplicity finder. This helps finding duplicates, by size, type, location but cannot provide the option of removing them but it gives a quick look in order to summary of the results.

7. Doppleganger:

It’s a paid utility with an old interface helps you to finding and removing duplicate files. This tools exceptionally good to work on external drives and storage media like SD Card. It helps keeping your important file by not removing newest file.

8. CloneSpy:

Another Duplicate file finder utility. It does not include date feature but it works well and its has all feature that most of the paid tools have. This tool not just works with local drive also provide searching in network drives to find duplicate content.

9. Duplicate File Detective:

It’s a best class duplicate file detecting tool provides the feature of deep file scanning. Helps reducing your time consumed while taking backups. It’s does file content analyses and works on Multiple and Network drives files.

10. Easy File Finder:

Helps you to quickly find duplicate files from various platforms like – Google Drive, Drop box, Photos, Itunes, Window Media player etc. It’s a paid utility and works on window XP to Window 10.