Best Download Manager for Windows 2018

Huge Files are distributing all around the world these days by millions of users on internet and these files are easily available to download for free. Most of the browser comes with in-built downloader and are capable to download most of the files but when it comes to downloading huge file like games, HD movies, torrents, magnet files your browser cannot download some of these files. So, We Have a list best download manager for windows that can make your downloading very easily and saves your time by boosting the speed:-

Free Download Manager:

It’s a free and open source software also known as FDM. This downloader is most popular with those users who use to download huge files and torrents and it is capable of download almost every file with inclusion of YouTube videos. You can schedule download process and run multiple tasks at the same time.


One of the best for window and it is also a free and open source software. It allows you download group of files at once. It can automatically generate new IP to save time of waiting. It’s have over 280 plug-in support.

Internet Download Manager:

Popular by its another name IDM and ability to track the download file directly from your browser, I personally like this feature because you don’t have to put the link into the downloader. It has resume feature that can recover broken downloads. It divides downloads into parts for faster speed.

Ninja Download Manager:

Modern Software for amazingly fast download speed up to 20x. Apart from other features like resume capability, scheduling, and download splits it has feature of drag and drop links to start a task. You can secure your downloads putting password and also allows you to preview the files before the completion of task.

Eagle Get:

Download support all kind of protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MMS, RTSP with virus protection support. Smartly Manage download scheduling and multiple task. It has a customizable user friendly interface. The malware checker ensures that the file you are downloading is genuine and harmless for your system.

This List of Download Accelerators is tested by our own team all of them are free to use and have a user friendly interface with all feature that a good download manager should have.