How to Activate Whatsapp Account without Phone Verification

WhatsApp is a social messaging app that helps people to communicate with each other. You can send free messages to each other, create group to communicate multiple users at once, add or remove group members, update status, customize your profile and many more things to do in WhatsApp. It has over 1000 million users worldwide. It is free, easy, fast and secure app that support many Operating system like Android, Windows, iPhone device.

However, user must have a active phone number to use WhatsApp account. While creating/re-installing WhatsApp user need to verify his/her phone number using OTP (one time password). User can use WhatsApp once verified in specific device. Unfortunately, Only one WhatsApp account can be used in one device. If you want to use multiple WhatsApp account in one device then you need some tricks and whatsapp verification code hack. Please click here to know about using multiple WhatsApp in one device.

To activate WhatsApp account without phone verification or SIM card you need to install some fake apps. You must be very active while following these methods to activate WhatsApp account without phone verification. To WhatsApp verification code bypass, you need to follow below methods.

Method 1 : Use Textnow App to activate WhatsApp Account in Android, Windows or iPhone

STEP 1: Download “Textnow” app in your device that can be android, windows or iPhone.You’ll get a Textnow phone number. This number can be used in activate WhatsApp account without phone verification.
STEP 2: Now open WhatsApp account and enter Textnow phone number.
STEP 3: Here is the trick, WhatsApp will ask for OTP number but you need to wait 5 minutes, after that WhatsApp give a error message “verification failed”. Now Click on “Call Me” button.
STEP 4: You’ll get a call on your Textnow number, enter the interactive voice response WhatsApp verification code that will be provided to you during the call.
This method can be used by Android, iOS, and Windows mobile users.

Method 2: Activate WhatsApp Without Phone Verification using Fake-a-message App on iPhone

STEP 1 : Download a fake messenger called “Fake-a-message” App on your iPhone to activate WhatsApp with SIM verification
STEP 2 : Using this app, do false WhatsApp verification by sending an SMS stating your email address from your number to +447900347295
STEP 3 : After which the user will get a verification code to install WhatsApp without number verification, use the code to sign up to WhatsApp

Method 3: Use WhatsApp Without Number With Spoof Text App on Android

STEP 1: Firstly, Download and Install Spoof Text App on your Android phone.

STEP 2: Using this app, do false WhatsApp verification by sending an SMS stating your email address from your number to +447900347295

STEP 3: You’ll receive a verification code to install WhatsApp, Now you can use this verification code to activate whatsapp account without phone verification.

Method 4: Use WhatsApp Without Mobile Number

STEP 1: If you haven’t a mobile number then you can simply verify and activate WhatsApp account using landline number.

STEP 2: This method is helpful when you don’t have a SIM or don’t want to use WhatsApp without mobile number. You can always use landline number to activate WhatsApp account.

STEP 3: After entering landline number, WhatsApp will try to verify number using OTP, ignore sms verification and click on “Call Me” option.

STEP 4: You’ll get a call on your landline number. It will provide you OTP using voice. Now, you have a OTP for WhatsApp and you know how to use and verify. Enjoy using WhatsApp without mobile number.

Point to be keep in mind before trying above Methods

  • Delete or Uninstall the WhatsApp account of your smartphone
  • Download the latest version of WhatsApp APK
  • Install the updated WhatsApp version, and before you tap on ‘Agree and Continue’ option, the user must quickly turn their phone on Airplane Mode
  • After putting your device in Airplane mode, you will be asked to activate WhatsApp with SMS or personal email address
  • Click on Submit and Cancel in a wink of an eye, to install WhatsApp without phone number verification easily