Best Free Photo Editing Software for Mac

If we talk about Photoshop then Photoshop software is best for image editing and related purposes. All image processing works and other image editing needs are done on these photoshop software. Whether it is business work or personal project this software will help you in all image editing aspects. If you are looking for the best image editing software available for Mac OS, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the best image editing software available for Mac OS. For brief information on this software read the full article.

Top 10 image editing software for MacOS

1. Pixelmator

Our list starts with really popular and useful software for image editing. You can do a lot of things using this image customization tool. It has some the best and exclusive effects and functions. Using this software one can combine two or more pictures and edit over each layer separately a bunch of dope effects. The user interface of this software is also a plus point for its popularity. Image tuning on this software is really simple and effectively great. Adjustments like saturation levels, contrast, color, and all other image features can be easily changed.

2. Snap heal

Now comes one more unique and interesting substitute software for Photoshop. The image editing becomes fun using snap heal image editing software. Mac users are blessed with this software for small and large-scale image processing and editing.

The software comes with a bunch of dope functions and effects to stabilize the image according to the requirements. All small or big imperfections can be easily removed from this software. The users can select more than one layer to work on the simultaneous image at a time. Students can learn Photoshop easily using this software. When it comes to editing for professional photographers, this is one of the best image editing software for Mac users.

3. Affinity Photo

This is a user-friendly image editing software for Mac users. The user interface of this software is really well managed and attractive. You can access all the functions and apply effects without any mess. Editing using this software feels really satisfying and professional. Tools available in this software are really useful and basic. This software can handle as many layers as the user want to edit for the perfect image output. For basic users also, this is great software to edit images on Mac OS.


If you want a completely simple and non-complicated software, we have a good option for you. All image tuning and tweaks can be easily done by using GIMP. It provides full control to edit your images as per requirements. This might be a perfect choice for a lot of users out there. The price of Photoshop can be easily suppressed with the usability of this amazing image editing software.

5. Lightroom

Every effect and function that you can think about image editing is present in this awesome software. For professional photographers and business organizations, this is all that you need. The user interface is somehow really managed but it is a little bit complicated to use. Once you get all the functions of this software you can be perfect in image editing. If you are beginner this software may not be best for you. Although you can learn all forms of image editing using this software as a professional editor.

6. Fotor Photo Editor

Now opposite to Lightroom, this is simple and non-messy software. You can use all the features on the go. The easily accessible toolbox of this software helps to manage all the editing activities on a particular photo while working on different layers. Some may consider it as a complicated software but that is the thing with this software. It is actually easy to use and user-friendly. The user interface of this software is really attractive and simple. For beginners, this might be a good choice for image editing on macOS.

7. Adobe Photoshop Elements

When it comes to content creation tools, I think none can beat Adobe in this race. All Adobe software are so much effective and professionally designed for users. Customer satisfaction is most important for a firm and Adobe provides best services with their software. The professional editing and other editing needs can be easily done on Adobe Photoshop Elements. The different features and photo tweaks can be done in the best way using this software. Mac users can professionally complete their projects in editing with the help of this software.

8. DxO Optics Pro

As we are all familiar with DxOmark test for cameras. So, DxO organization knows what real pictures look like. To get the best-processed image and editing, DxO optics pro is a really good software for Mac OS users. It has some of the best and unique features to work on different layers to customize accordingly. It gathers all the information about the camera, lens and photo conditions to edit the best possible image.

Photo director 9 is really useful photo editing software. You can some powerful tools in this software. It may look like a basic editing app but if you search it properly you can get some of the best features in this editing software. Tweaking the image according to you is really easy and has great results. You can edit 360° photos easily using Cyberlink photo director 9. Mac users for detailing and editing the images can use this software as their professional tool.

10. Acorn 6

The daily basis photo editing is a really interesting thing. Social media freaks and event photographers can use this amazingly simple image editing tool. Acorn 6 gives you a lot of effects and tools to produce the best image possible. The color tweaking, saturation adjustments, and contrast levels can be easily customized. Acorn 6 has some of the exclusive features specifically designed for particular niche image editing. You can adjust different editing flavours in this software. The software is simple to use with some advanced selection and editing tools.

And so, these were one of the best image editing software available for MacOS. We hope that this software helps you in selecting the best image editing software according to your needs. If you have any queries regarding any of the above-mentioned download managers, then feel free to post down in the comments section.