Best Download Manager for Mac 2018

One of the best features of the internet is that we can download different kinds of files easily. These files may include your favorite videos, music or images or it may be your important documents and files. Sometimes we also download images that are posted in the social media. No matter what we want but we are able to download it very easily. But sometimes we are not able to download our files due to server restrictions or slower download speed. To solve such problems MacOS user can use a download manager. Having a download manager makes it easy for you to organize your downloads. Download managers offer lots of features and options according to everyone needs. But one of the nice things of this app is that even if some files downloaded will be interrupted for some reason, they can resume from the point where it was stopped. It will surely save your time as well as data if you’re on a limited plan.

If you are a Mac user and like to download stuff from the internet, then this article will definitely help you to choose which download manager is good and more efficient for you. So without any further delay, we are proving a list of some best download manager.

List of download managers for Mac users:

1. Shuttle Download:

Shuttle download is software which automatically pauses and resumes downloads based on network status. It is a simple solution for managing multiple downloads at a very fast speed than your browser. It can divide your download files into multiple segments and download them all at once. You have the option to manually add download links to start the download process. Shuttle Download also offers an inspector window with the detailed info about the support of each segment.

2. JDownloader:

JDownloader is one of the best download managers for Mac. It is also available for other operating systems. The best part of this manager is that beginners can also use this manager very easily. You just need to copy the URL of the file you want to download and paste that in the downloader. It can also adjust large files into RAR files to make the downloading size smaller.

3. Folx 5:

Folx is a free download manager for MacOS. On opening Folx, you’ll find a beautiful and appealing interface that is easy to use and control. It offers convenient download management flexible settings etc. Folx divides you downloaded channel link at the backend into more than ten threads. This will increase the speed of the download. The integration with the browser is also pretty easy and you have the option to schedule your downloads. As for finding the downloaded files, you can easily find them by assigning one or more tags.

4. IGetter:

The IGetter has an easy to use interface with the toolbar having big buttons for each of the main function. This software divides the download link into segments. In case of slow connection or disconnection, you can also pause the download. This application also has an inbuilt web explorer which allows you to view website directly or start downloads.

5. Progressive Downloader:


Progressive Downloader is one of the most famous among Mac user. It has all the features which you need of automatic browser integration, having search features, threads, and multiple processes and mirroring. Progressive downloader supports integration for Safari and Chrome.

6. Xtreme Download Manager:

Xtreme Download manager is a powerful tool to save streaming videos from YouTube, Google videos or any other website. Xtreme Download manager seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and all others popular in saving streaming videos from the web.

7. Leech:

Leech is another powerful downloader with multiple tricks. It will give you option for customizing how downloads are handled. Leech will create files to manage downloads, based on hostname and filename extensions. To commence a download, drag its URL and drop it on the leech interface. And the download process will also start immediately.

8. Maxel Downloader:

Maxel is an efficient and easy to download manager which can speed up downloads by splitting the file into up 100 segments. Maxel saves its process and can resume your downloads even if your mac restarts. Talking of the performance, Maxel consumes lower amount of resources as well.

9. iNetGet:

iNetGet supports auto-resuming. iNetGet helps you download any file via HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP. With this manager, we can download flash media from YouTube and most other video sources. The file will automatically launch when downloads complete. This manager also checks the updates of file automatically.

10. Free Download Manager:

Free download manager is very easy for average users who like to download YouTube files. This manager also offers torrent download support. So you don’t have to find software to download torrent content. You can also set up some notifications, which make the downloading process simple and easy for the user.

And so, these were one of the best download managers available for MacOS. We hope that these managers help you in selecting the best download manager according to your needs. If you have any queries regarding any of the above-mentioned download managers, then feel free to post down in the comments section.