10 Best Duplicate File Finder for Mac 2018

Nowadays, no Mac devices are free of problems and issues. There are some developer issues and variation in the nature of the system issues as well. Most of these problems arise because of poor programming of the system itself. And some of the problems arise due to user issues errors. However, the user side issues are a different story altogether.

If you frequently click photos or make videos at the holiday’s season, you definitely have plenty of duplicates files hidden in your Mac. Duplicate files are problems which takes a lot of space on the system. That’s where duplicate finder software comes to play. Duplicate file finder tool has the power to scan and delete the duplicate photos, videos, mp3 player and other documents. It starts the scan and rest will take care by duplicate files fixer software. By removing those redundant files, you can free up tons of storage space on your Mac devices.

If you are a Mac user and suffer from the problem of having Duplicate files in your device, then this article is for you. In this article, we will give you some brief information of best duplicate file finder software for Mac users. So without any further delay, we are providing a list of best duplicate file finder.

List of best duplicate files finder for Mac users:

1. Gemini 2

Gemini 2

Gemini 2 helps you to find duplicate and similar files on you, Mac. After finding these duplicate, you can recover tons of space. This only happens when your Mac is filled with redundant backups, similar photos or similar documents. Gemini 2 is the user interface, well-designed navigation flow which you especially like about it. Once you install and open it in you Mac device then you can choose a mode to get started like find duplicate images, songs or any documents. Gemini 2 is a bit resource-demanding, and JP’s MacBook pro fan run out loud. Gemini 2 will show exact duplicate and similar files. Not only that but Gemini 2 can automatically detect and delete the files which it thinks which are safe for removal.

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2. Disk Drill

Disk Drill

Disk Drill is a powerful data recovery app that offers many additional features for free of cost. Disk Drill is one of the best duplicate file finders available free for Mac. To run this app in your MacOS support computer you requires a small amount of disk space. That space is sufficient for this app. If you are not a computer expert and having lack of knowledge of MacOS than disk drill is one of the best options for you. Sometimes we delete important files accidentally or by mistake, disk drill has an advantage that it will make recover the deleted file. We can also say that this app is designed for powerful file recovery. Disk drill scans and recovers files quickly.

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3. Easy Duplicate Finder

Easy Duplicate Finder

Here is another tool to help in finding duplicate files and delete them in seconds that is Easy Duplicate Finder. This tool helps users to free up disk space on their Mac and increase the overall performance of the system. And in case you delete any files by mistake then you have the option to undo that operation. Easy duplicate finder is free to use for a limited period of time, after that there is a 40$ fee for this app.

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4. PhotoSweeper


Images and videos are probably the files that cover most of the storage in your device. PhotoSweeper focuses on that file having a Duplicate copy or similar file. Once you install the app, you will come to the screen where you select which file or folder is to be scan.

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5. Tidy Up

Tidy Up

Tidy up finds duplicate files in your photos iTunes and other apps on your Mac. It scans your computer for copies of the file types and folders in your local hard drive. If you got a bunch of temporary files cached in your hard drive, tidy up will give you the option to trash if you don’t need them.

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6. Duplicate Detective

Duplicate Detective

The main reason I put this tool on the list is its high affordability. Duplicate Detective is a simple yet powerful duplicate file delete which deletes similar Mac files in a fast and easy way. You can filter the files by size, name, data using this tool. This tool allows the user to set the minimum duplicate file size. This tool works quite well for small folders or files.

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7. Terminal


It is basically emulator built into MacOS. It is possible to find similar or duplicate file Mac with Terminal, but if you are not familiar with Terminal, then it’s not to use for you.

8. DupeGuru


DupeGuru is one the best duplicate file remover for MacOS and windows also. This toll is an amazing duplicate file remover tool that function approves to filter your hard plate and precisely copies to help you keep documents sorted out well without any duplicate records. It doesn’t select files automatically, you have to select them one by one.

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9. MacClean


MacClean is a free tool that helps you to locate and remove duplicate photos, songs, apps, documents, and other files. MacClean is easy and drops support for selecting the folders you want to scan. Once you select the folder, MacClean automatically scans for duplicates and removed it. This duplicate file finder for Mac is available in English, French, Spanish, and Japanese.

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10. Duplicate File Fixer

Duplicate File Fixer

We can recover lots of disk space by removing multiple files from your Mac. Duplicate file fixer removes these files easily. It will give you a speed for an accurate scan of files you have. This tool will also give you option of backup before you delete them. You can easily take of duplicate files and folder in your Mac device using this tool.

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