How to Check HTTP Status Code of Multiple Websites

How to check HTTP Status Code of Multiple Websites or How to get HTTP Headers of Multiple Websites or URL? Being a webmaster or developer this is the important step to check HTTP Status code of every URL that is in your website or blog. A Good website can rank higher in Search Engine but sometimes you don’t know about your pages and how they are redirecting to original page, how they are giving response when users open and etc. This is a very big problem if you ignore this type of errors. You must solve this for good performance of your website.

Today, We are going to tell you how can you check HTTP Status Code of multiple URL. The Status code is a part of the HTTP/1.1 Standard. Basically, Status codes are issued by a server in response to a client’s request made to the server. It includes codes from IETF Request for Comments (RFCs), other specifications, and some additional codes used in some common applications of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).

Check HTTP Code of Single Website/URL – Using Your Browser

This is very easy and everyone can do, you’ll need a modern browser. (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera). This method can only check single URL at one time but this is very powerful tool. This will explore all files of URL and you can check HTTP Code of every file that is embedded into given URL/Website. Follow these steps to check HTTP Status Code

Note:- This method is only working in Dektop/Laptop/Mac


  1. Open a new Tab and Open URL by entering in address bar.
  2. Wait for Page loads, Right Click anywhere on page and after that click on inspect Element
  3. Now, Developer Tools will be opened. 
  4. Click on Network Tab and Press F5 to Refresh Page
  5. Now you can see the HTTP Status Code of every file that is embedded into website
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Check HTTP Code of Multiple Website/URL – Using Online Software

If you followed first step then you can find it is time taking method if you need to check code of multiple websites or url. It’ll become long process that’s why we are here with this method. You can use this method anywhere in any device. It doesn’t matter you are using mobile, laptop, desktop or anykind of device.
We’ve made a Online Software or Tool to check HTTP Status Code of Multiple Websites or URL. This Tool is user friendly and return HTTP Header of each and every valid url.
  1. Click here to Open Online HTTP Status Code Checker Tool
  2. Enter the List of URLs that you want to check
  3. Click on Check button
  4. Wait for load URLs and after loading URL it will start checking HTTP Status Code