Top Best Ways to Earn Money Online 2018

Are you looking for ways to earn money online? If Yes, then you searches end here. We are going to share best ways to earn money online without investment.
Work from home, Work from cafe, Work part time, work full time or work whenever you have free time. Its all depend on you, more you work more you’ll earn.  Earn Money online is method to earn money where you’ll never forced to get work or you don’t have any work target. You are boss and its all depend how much work will you do.
Earning Money online is not easy as it looks. You needs to do more hard work, more consternation on online work and be clever everytime when you work with a website. There are so many things that you must know before you start working online to earn money.
In this article, we are going to share some genuine website where you can start online work and earn a good income just by doing work online from without any investment.

What are the Requirements to earn money online?

  • A Laptop/Computer/Desktop
  • A Email ID
  • A Internet Browser ( Recommended: Chrome/Firefox)
  • A Payment Processing Account to receive payments (e.g: Paypal, Payoneer, Skrill, Netller and etc)
  • Hard Work and Patience

Basic Ways to earn money online from home without investment 

There some basic ways to earn money online that help when you are doing study to build your career and looking to earn some pocket money while working on internet. In simple way, we can say if you are a new comer in online world then you can start earn money online without requiring any skills. Below are some method where you can start your online job if you are a newbie.


1. PTC Method – Click and Earn Money

First and very easy method to earn money online without any skills and investment. PTC means Paid to Click website. PTC website give a opportunity to earn money. Work is simple, you’ve to view/click on sponsors website and keep open that website for some seconds (5-30+ seconds). You can earn upto $0.001 – $0.01 Per Click. This is not end, PTC provides more ways to earn that is include Refer and Earn (upto 50% of referral earning), Renting Referrals, Completing third party offers and many more.
Click here to check List of Best PTC Website.

2. GPT Method – Get Paid to do Tasks

GPT method comes after PTC Method. GPT means Get Paid to do Task. You’ll earn money just by completing third party offers that include signup, surveys, reviews, clicking and many more. You can earn more money if we talked about GPT website because a single task can give you $0.02 – $1+ depends on task type.

3. Online paid surveys

Online paid surveys is the best method if you are serious into earning money online without investment and without skills. The process is very easy, you need to fill out form with valid information and after that you’ll rewarded from a nice money. There are so many website that is providing paid surveys jobs. You just need to find genuine online paid surveys and start work there on daily basis.


4. Affiliate Marketing

Next is affiliate marketing. In this method you need to promote/advertise third party products. You’ll earn a nice money on per lead/sale that is completed via your referral link/id. Affiliate marketing becoming more popular every day because it doesn’t required any investment and you can earn upto $1-$100 Per lead. There are so many company, stores and online shopping website that offers affiliate program. Affiliate programs are free to join. However, some affiliate network required a good traffic source to approve your application.

5. Adsense & Adnetwork

On fifth number we’ve placed adsense and adnetwork because it required some skill to earn money with Adsense and Adnetworks. At present so many peoples are earning lots of money from using adsense. You must have a Blog or Website to generate income. In this program, you’ll need to display ads on your website. Whenever someone click on advertiser’s ads you’ll earn some money depends on locations, how many impressions, CPM and many method to calculate CPC (Cost Per Click). The earning of CPC can be $0.01 to $1 or above.

6. Article Writing/Reviewing 

In this Digital World there are so many startups who need quality and unique content to build reputation in online market. They are providing article writing or Product reviewing service. You can also do this as a part time work including Online/Offline both. Article writing is require a good writing skills including perfect grammar and good knowledge. You can earn upto $10/500 words but you must have a professional writing skills.

Other Ways to Earn Money Online in 2018

We’ve listed some other programs below where you can earn money with little efforts. These programs are best for new commers and newbies.


Earn Money From Shorting URLs

On the internet, there are some programs who offer earn money by shorting and sharing a long URL. The program is simple they will provide you a short link of your Long URL and display a advertising page when someone visit this URL. This is best method to earn money but you’ll just need to short URL and share URL on social networks, friends and other place to get visit. You can earn upto $5/1000 visitors from single URL.

Earn Money From Uploading Files

This method is similar to Shorting URLs but in this method you will earn money by uploading and sharing Files. This is one of the popular money earning program and lots of people earning money while sharing their files. The earning can be upto $50/1000 downloads depends on Country, File Size and File Downloads. Amount is 10 times higher if we compare to Shorting URLs and most interesting thing you can also use this method to store your files.

Earn Money From Uploading Images/Photos

This method is also similar to both method that is mentioned above. You can upload your favorite photos and earn money when someone view them. So many user’s are earning lots of money just by uploading photos and share them on social and other networks. You can earn upto $5/1000 photo views depending on country, however some website offer same amount and doesn’t matter location and country.

Earn Money From Traffic Exchange

Traffic Exchange is the method of get some free visitors on your website. This method is very helpful for startups. If you are going to start a website or blog then you have 2 option to get visitors. First is, Pay some money and run campaign to get some visitors and second is, use traffic exchange website to get free visitors. Its all upto you what you choose. Both methods are some and you didn’t get genuine visitors. Anyway we’ll discuss this point in another topic.
In Traffic exchange method, you’ll need to setup your website/blog and it will start rotating on whole network as long as you have enough points to get visitors on your website. The point can be earned by viewing other’s website. You can also convert your point into real money if you don’t want to get visitors on your website.

We are always exploring more ways to earn money online. Keep visiting this page and may be you’ll find more ways and their methods.