PingPong Payments

Marketing Manager (Bangalore)

PingPong is a FinTech unicorn innovating the payment services space for cross-border eCommerce sellers around the world. Leveraging our global footprint, our mission is to empower our customers to sell anywhere across the globe. We are committed to bringing best-in-class services to our customers and helping them expand their businesses.

Whether bringing sales profits home from international marketplaces or paying international suppliers, PingPong has a solution to fit every one of our customers’ needs. We are dedicated to innovating products and services that serve the needs of the entire eCommerce community.

We aspire to make an impact by staying nimble. We welcome talent that is curious by nature, fearless, and results-driven. We want people that hold themselves to the highest ethical standards. We believe that communication is key in breaking down international business barriers.

PingPong is a rapidly growing, venture-backed FinTech unicorn with an international footprint. In short, we are looking for true global citizens to conquer the next challenges in global eCommerce.

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