GMR Group

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GMR Group is an infrastructure provider with a wide presence, impact and scope that extends from:

• National to the global.

• Plugging infrastructure gaps to create benchmark assets.

• Supporting livelihoods to enhancing the quality of life.

The Group provides infrastructure that helps mankind achieve their quest in creating a better tomorrow, today.

Since its establishment in 1978, the GMR Group has been constantly developing its capabilities in the creation of mega infrastructure projects. They span the domains of developing, operating, managing and owning international airports as well as setting up and operating major energy utilities. Developing and operating modern highways, urban infrastructure facilities and developing multi-product Industrial Investment Regions are the other areas covered by the Group.

While quality and operational efficiencies guide all the strategic business areas, the Group accords equal, if not more, emphasis on its work in the area of Social Entrepreneurship and Corporate Social Responsibility. Through GMR Varalakshmi Foundation, the Group promotes and manages projects across the spectrum of Education, Health, Hygiene & Sanitation, Empowerment and Livelihood and Community Development.