How to Increase Battery Life and Charging Speed of Android Phone

Index – How to Increase Battery Life and Charging Speed of Android Phone

  1. How to Increase the battery life of an Android Phone
  2. Tips to increase the Charging Speed

Increase battery life and charging speed of android phone

Android is a complete operating system and has plethora of functionalities for the users to boast about. Android phones have everything that any of its user would expect but the only thing that concerns its user is its battery life. The battery is the only thing that pulls the android phones backward form phones having other operating systems. It would obviously be a boon for the users if they could increase the battery life of their device.

In this article we have covered all the ways to increase the battery life of your android phone and we also have provided the tips to increase the charging speed.

How to increase the battery life of an android phone:

  1. The display of your screen can highly drain the battery life of your phone. You can save the battery power by locking the phone whenever not in use. The brightness level of your screen should also be always taken care of. Always reduce the brightness level during night or while you are at home.
  2. Keep the wireless communications like WiFi, Bluetooth etc. turned off whenever not in use.
  3. Never keep your applications in auto sync mode. Go to settings and change it to manual mode.
  4. Whenever possible use WiFi instead of mobile data.
  5. Live wallpapers consume a whole lot of battery life, say no to them.
  6. Do not use lot’s of widgets together, try to decrease their number.
  7. When we do not close the applications completely, they keep running as background apps. These eat up your battery life. Always remember to close the background apps manually in regular intervals.
  8. Set screen time out, so that even if you forget to close your screen the screen closes itself.
  9. Say no to haptic feedback.
  10. In case you do not want to use various applications and if you are using your phone just for basic needs like calling and texting then you can turn the power saving mode on.
  11. When your internet connection is turned on, almost every application starts consuming the internet as background data. Along with the background data, they also consume your battery power. So, always remember to restrict the background data.
  12. There are some apps that keep on consuming your data even if you are not using them. Always audit the apps before installing and avoid such apps.

Tips to increase the charging speed:

  1. If possible keep your device in Airplane mode while charging. This will avoid all types of notifications and incoming calls and let your device charge without any disturbance.
  2. Switching off your phone while charging is also an effective way to increase the charging speed. While your device is on, the processor keeps running and this will not let your charging speed to go up to full potential.
  3. While charging your phone in switch on mode always keep your Bluetooth, WiFi and mobile data off.
  4. Never use your mobile phone while charging. This will decrease the charging speed of your phone as well as heat your device.
  5. At least once in a week, try to bring the charge of your phone to 0% and put it to charge until it reaches 100% back again. This will refresh your battery and also keeps your battery safe.
  6. Always use original chargers while charging. Using chargers other than the phone’s own charger will effect the battery life.

These ways are very effective and has always proved to work.