How to Choose Good Payment App in Android

Good Payment App in Android

In India, there is still lot more things to be improved before it can become digital India. Demonetization in last year made a great impact on the Indian economy. Ruling Party give their best and tried to make an effort in making a cashless India. But in the current situation, it will be hard to be cashless in India. To make it possible, every generation must come forward and take a step towards the digital payment. Everything from electric bill to gas bill and even Metro cards are also can be paid digitally now. No rush to counters, no late fee and moreover using different apps might get you discounts. So if there is no risk, Digital Payment is best. Before trying any apps few things should be checked. Nowadays to anyone, there are three kinds of payment app to choose from. First, E-wallet(Paytm, Freecharge);2nd is UPI (i. e. BHIM, Google Tez, PhonePe) and last is Bank’s applications. Although categories seem completely different from each other but internal features and reasons to use is same for everyone. In my respect, these are the common factor one should look before started using a digital payment app.

Ease of Payment

How fast your payment processor can process the request. It is the most important factor, the success rate of transactions. One should look if he can save your card details for a next time smooth transaction.

Satisfactory Customer Care

This is the topic of second importance if you face a failed transaction what you will do?
Call to Customer care…
Exactly, choose an app whose support system is on call or on chat. If their customer care only replies in an email then for a failed transaction refund you have to take a great headache with lots of patience.


The internal security while processing a payment is completely on the payment processor, it has nothing to do with apps. Lookout for which payment processor is being used and is it on the market. As a payment app, it should have at least a minimal security before anyone can see what is inside. Try to choose a payment app where you can at least draw a security pattern before opening.

Those are the main deciding factor behind a Payment app. But there are also lots of co-factors.

  • Having multiple languages to choose over
  • Scan and pay or just enter small details and pay
  • Check your balance easily
  • Monthly statement via email
  • If you choosing an e-wallet, look if you can make direct bank transfer
  • Acceptance of the app in the society
  • Application page loading and customisation


In my opinion, now UPI has gotten the market. It is easy to use, simple and a time saver. In UPI a single time authorization and you are done for the day until you uninstall the app. No need to fill up wallets everytime you do a purchase. So I highly recommend using UPI rather than using E-wallets.

PhonePe (Recommended)
It is a breed mixed up with E-wallet and UPI. You can store up money in PhonePe wallet or make a direct transaction using your bank account. After registering, a single time authorization is required to connect with your bank. You can set up multiple bank account within the app. It has lots of features to send money to other users like UPI Id, Scan and Pay, IFSC or using the just mobile number if the beneficiary is already registered. Within the app, there is an option to recharge or book a ticket, a whole section of offers is there to find great discount on your spending. The app is nicely designed with beautiful colour combination. Overall a complete package.
The most comfortable UPI app around the Indian market. It is brought to us by NPCI. The app is simple and easy to use and that’s why it is popular. You can use Scan and Pay, MMID, IFSC or UPI Id to make a transaction. They do not include any additional feature but it is quite fast in case of making a transaction. The only problem is multiple accounts does not support at the same time. You have to choose bank first then do the other steps.
It is the market grabber giant E-wallet company. With their O2O promotion method, they grabbed a lot of customer base. So if you using Paytm you will get a large base of merchant accepting Paytm. Paytm offer every single need you can have, in their app. Paytm app is full of features so at first, it might seem irritating but everyone gets to adapt it quickly. With the latest integration of Bhim on the paytm, payment processing got a lot better. Paytm also now offering a bank service within their app where anyone can open a savings account just filling up Aadhar No. and Pan number. The app isn’t as fast as the other two but it will get your thing done. As a constant user, I would recommend having any one of these apps to make your payments problems go away.

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