Best Duplicate File Finder App for Android 2019

Best Duplicate File Finder App For Android

Duplicate file can create a big problem for your android device so it is require to delete un-neccessory files from your device.

We have come up with the list of 10 best duplicate file finders for android phones that will help you get rid of all the accumulated junk files in your device. By finding and deleting all the duplicate and unwanted files, these applications will help you improve the speed and performance of your android device.

1. Duplicate Media Remover

This application removes all the similar files of audios, videos, images etc. by scanning and finding them. It allows you to select a folder and delete all the identical files within the folder. You can also schedule your scans and keep the result of scan for future reference.

2. Duplicate Manager

This app along with all kind of files also deletes identical contacts. It also provides an option to merge similar contacts. The app displays both types of files, original and duplicate for well defined comparison and file management.

3. Super Fast Duplicate Finder

As the name suggests, this app really works very fast. It has super fast search engines to search and remove all the unwanted files from the device. It includes various scan types, and allows you to select from them for accurate results.

4. SD Maid System Cleaning Tool

This application keeps the performance of your android phone intact. It scans and finds all the junk and duplicate files from your device and removes them. You can schedule this app to periodically clean your devices storage. You can also sort your search by name, date and location.

5. Duplicate Files Finder

A very easy and intuitive navigation of all the duplicate files on your device is offered by this application. This application is a very effective tool to get rid of all the similar files on your device.

6. Remove Duplicate Files

This app is very impressive for the fact that it can identify similar looking files and remove them. It has a very powerful search engine, which provides effective results instantly. The results are displayed in different groups so that the comparisons become easy.

7. Duplicate File Remover

This app can identify and remove similar files from all file formats. It also has an option to filter search criteria for better results. It allows you to backup files before removal so that you do not lose important files mistakenly.

8. Search Duplicate File

This app has various features including sub-folder scanning, lock folder, mount points, smart selector and many more. It supports all types of files and also displays the preview before deleting any files. It also allows you to filter the search results.

9. Duplicate File Finder – Remover

This app removes all the identical files to increase the storage space in your phone and it is also capable of supporting all file formats. It allows you to compare the duplicate files side by side with original ones for better recognisation. The results can also be displayed in groups.

10. Duplicate Files Fixer

The experience with this tool is very user friendly and it offers an intuitive user interface. This app is based on advanced techniques and a search engine which is very powerful. Its search engine can find out files from any corner of the device storage. For better file management, it allows you to preview files before deleting. You can include or exclude folders from the scanning process.