CSV to VCF Converter Online Free - Excel to VCF Converter Online Free

CSV to VCF Converter Online Free or Excel to VCF Converter Online Free is a online tool that allow you to convert Excel file into VCF. VCF or vcard is a file format where you can store contact information of multiple person and retrieve all contacts whenever you need. You can also use VCF file to backup contacts, import contacts or export contacts.

Sometimes, you need to convert excel file into VCF or vcard format. If you have lots of records then its really become headache thats why we are here. We made a tool that can help you in converting VCF file. Our tool has programmed to convert millions of records into VCF format within few seconds. You can save Name, Mobile Number, Email Address and many more fields in VCF format

  • Only CSV file allowed
  • Maximum File Size 10MB
  • Multiple Mobile Numbers Seperated by comma(,)
  • Multiple Email Address Seperated by comma(,)


  • Convert Many Contacts at once
  • VCF Version 2.1, 3.0, 4.0
  • Support of Multiple Contacts and Email ids
  • Maximum File size 50 MB

Excel File Format

Set you fields according to below format, make sure you've written headers in lowercase letters. You can also use comma(,) for multiple numbers and emails. Save as your excel file as ".csv" file format with comma delimited.

first_name phone email
Bernie Spurman 684-369-9517 bspurman0@ask.com
Hans Cookman 871-644-1108,850-637-7141 hcookman1@yahoo.co.jp,aperks2r@berkeley.edu
Merv Prahl 467-873-7152,588-401-7602 mprahl2@wikimedia.org
My Rosso 775-626-6723 mrosso3@webnode.com

How to Save CSV File with comma(,) Delimited

  • First Click on File Menu
  • Then click on Save As
  • Now a window will open and you have two option for saving file. First is File Name and Second is Save As type
  • Put desired name in File Name Field and Select CSV File (Comma delimited) from the Save As type
save excel file as csv
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