Best Android apps to cut down monthly data budget

Data management is one of the most important and complicated things in our daily life.Imagine you are on the go and on a limited wifi or mobile data connection, so you have to make the best out of it.Whether you are at home or at the office, having a minimal amount of data is a necessity. But the cost of data is way too much, so we have to reduce our data usage as much as possible.There are a lot of browsers ( i.e. Puffin browser, Opera mini, Chrome etc.) claiming to automatically save data while surfing, but that amount is insignificant. So here rather than talking about browsers, we will have a detailed discussion about four featured and effective apps to cut down your monthly data usage.

Opera Max
It is the most powerful data compressing software available in the Play Store.It is created by the developers of Opera Browser.It can compress data from any installed android app which uses HTTP network.Its' main feature is data compression while streaming youtube.We have personally used every app here mentioned and while checking out Opera Max we have seen an astonishing 40% of data save in case of streaming youtube videos.Recently they have introduced Facebook data saving, which is a perfect tool to save upto 50% more on browsing Facebook app.Opera Max also provides privacy reports for better security.
App Size : 13 MB
  • The revamped home screen provides help and recommendations for maximum savings and security.
  • Support both mobile data and Wifi Optimization
  • Data saving upto 40% in youtube streaming and 10% in case of surfing
  • Privacy mode makes your apps go incognito, discarding cookies and stopping untrustworthy apps from sharing your private information with ad trackers
  • HTTPS data optimization not supported
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Brought by Google, Datally is a powerful tool to save data upto 10% on average.This app is completely free, simple and very easy to use.It uses HTTP data compression method i.e. if you surf any unsecured website Datally will automatically compress the site data to save usage.But in case of secure websites, its' compression method will not work.This app also offers a window to find nearby wifi connection along with their distance.You can either add any new wifi connection to the list or report the available ones.
App Size : 4.9 MB
  • Support HTTP data compression
  • Personalized recommendation to rate nearby Wifi, Data usage highlights etc. on the home screen
  • It blocks background data and lets you control which apps will use data
  • Get detailed data usage statistics without using data saver mode.
  • Doesn’t support HTTPS data compression
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Neopard is not so popular but it has one feature which everybody else failed to provide i.e. HTTPS optimization.Neopard claims to compress data even on secure connections.However, you have to install a third-party certificate to use this app.After installing and setting up your preference, app home screen will show a detailed data statistics of installed apps.
App Size : 4 MB
  • This app supports both HTTP and HTTPS optimization.
  • Let you select image quality (low-high range)
  • It also supports wifi optimization.
  • Get detailed data usage statistics without using data saver mode.
  • This app has a section to check which app uses how much data but does not offer any service to block them.
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With 1 million downloads in Playstore, DataEye is one of a quality data saver application.It supports traffic blocking on both mobile network and Wi-Fi.It also lets you block any active app, so that those apps can't use any further data.Check out the setting to turn on Auto start, which will reduce your workload to start the DataEye manually everytime.DataEye doesn't offer any kind of extra facilities but it is simple and to the point.Install, start data saving mode and you are set.This app automatically restricts background data and only let use data in the app where you are working.
App Size : 3.9 MB
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What to Choose?

We have given a lot of options to choose from, so it might get little confused.As necessity varies from one person to another, so it is important to sort out the particular one for you. First of all, install ‘My Data Manager' app from play store and use it for few days. With 10 million downloads, it is one of the highest rated data managing apps.After using it, check out the statistics to find out the apps you used most.
Is it youtube or any other browser?
Where the most of your data going?
If most of your work is done on the web, then Neopard will save 90% more data than what other apps will save.But if you are into youtube then definitely try Opera Max.
Note:- This is not a complete list of available apps on market, it's just a recommendations of what we think the best.Use any one of these apps and you can save a significant amount of your data.